Your guests get two individual designed play money notes. These notes can be changed at the croupiers into jetons. Your guests can use them at any gambling table. The gambling time is up to 4 hours maximum. In the end of the gambling time you should make an announcement that there will be the last three rounds of gambling. After that the jetons have to be given back completely to the croupiers.. The croupiers make a notice of the sum of jetons for every guest and the guest gets a counterfoil. The host of the casino night gets a notice with the highest jetons for the award ceremony.



Your guests get 10 jetons by the croupiers with or without an individual designed play money note and play 5 rounds maximum. Then the croupiers looks for the winner who gets a litte price or he fills in a card for a lottery (prices and cards are due to the host). Then new exhibition visitors will play the same system again.

Your advantage at an exhibition:
A roulette gambling table is a real magnet that attracts exhibition visitors to your stand.
So you can use the gamling table as a 'parking area', until you have free time for the next client.



Your guests can cash their jetons for prices:
Example: 50 jetons minimum - 100 jetons minimum - 250 jetons minimum. Additionally everyone who has more than 500 jetons, can take part in a lottery (prices is due to the host).

Information for calculating prices:
In the end of your casino night normally 10% of gamblers will have jetons.
The prices should be given near the gambling tables so that the persons who give out the prices, can give the jetons back to the croupiers.
If there is a big number of guests but less gambling tables, there won't play all guests. These guests should have the possibility to change their toy money notes into a standard price.



We support your moderation of your casino night with text suggestions at no charge.

If you want a professional moderator of your event, we can manage this, of course.